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Disinfection procedures in the petrochemical group "TAU Petrochem" LLC will be performed using cold-fog treatment.


The company keeps up with the times and improves technologies everywhere: methods for disinfection of premises also did not go unnoticed during the pandemic. The conventional surface treatment has been replaced by an improved technology: premises treatment with a cold fog generator. Thus, the enterprises have solved the issue of thorough disinfection introducing a new method of treating surfaces and hard-to-reach places in offices and workshops.

Cold-fog is air with particles of disinfectant suspended in it used for treatment, the size of which is no more than 80 microns. The effectiveness of this method is that, in comparison with conventional surface treatment, the disinfection cloud spreads over the entire treated area, penetrating into cracks and hard-to-reach places. Such sprayer is aimed to turn the liquid into cold vapor.

A universal “STORM” cold fog spray generator used in the company has three spray nozzles. The device is perfect for professional treatment of areas. Thanks to its powerful engine, the “STORM” spray generator is capable of producing fog particles ranging in size from 5 to 50 microns. Solutions "Avirbak" and "Neoklin-Extra" are used as disinfectants.


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