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April 12 is the birthday of Sterlitamak rubber

A batch of synthetic rubber was produced for the first time in workshop E-2 of  “Sintez-Kauchuk” plant on April 12 in 1960. The history of the enterprise began more than half a century ago, when, soon after the Great Patriotic War, the construction of a plant began, which is engaged in the production of polyisoprene rubbers for general and special purposes today. The products are used in the manufacture of tires, a wide range of industrial rubber goods, as well as products for food, medical and household use.

Exactly 61 years have passed since the first roll of synthetic rubber was produced and the production of dehydrogenation catalysts K-5, K-12, K-16 began. This important date became the starting point and birthday of an enterprise with a long and unique history, which was created by joint efforts under the guidance of competent specialists of the highest level. The mechanism of the whole enterprise was well-adjusted, which made it possible not only to increase production capacity, but also to become one of the largest enterprises in the world for the production of synthetic rubber.

Boldly stepping into the 21st century with an excellent reputation among domestic and foreign partners, the company continues to maintain long-term traditions, take part in the improvement of the town of Sterlitamak, study and introduce new technologies in industry and keep up with the times. Today JSC "Sintez-Kauchuk" is a combination of a professional approach in work, preservation and augmentation of many years of experience and a clear view of the future.

Dear colleagues, we greet you happy birthday! We wish you stability, prosperity and success in your work! Let our plant stand firmly on its feet and each of you feel highly-demanded and happy!

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