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The industrial enterprises of "TAU Petrochem" were visited by a delegation from the Altai Territory

On June 9, guests from the Altai Territory visited the enterprises of the petrochemical group "TAU Petrochem". The delegation was attended by Minister of Industry and Energy of the Altai Territory Vyacheslav Khimochka, Deputy Minister of Energy Industry in the Republic of Bashkortostan Ural Nasibullin, as well as representatives of Nortek, who have been partners of "TAU Petrochem» enterprises for several years.

The aim of the visit was to strengthen business contacts between partners, get acquainted with the innovative development programs of the company, the production of synthetic rubber, as well as the only production of phenolic antioxidants in Russia.

During the visit, there were organized an excursion for the guests to the workshops of the joint-stock companies “Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant” and “Sintez-Kauchuk”, where they could see the stages of production of products that monthly enter to the partners" enterprises with a volume of several thousand tons, and also studied the production of synthetic rubber and phenolic antioxidants, technologies, organization of quality control of finished products. During the meeting, the businessmen discussed with the managers of the petrochemical group "TAU Petrochem" the competitive advantages of their products, including the environmental safety of production processes, pricing flexibility, updating the product line and the related possibility of expanding partnerships.

“In production and management activities, our colleagues, the same as we, adhere to the principles of achieving high quality products and maintaining their own reputation, and therefore their desire to study in detail the production of raw materials was perceived by us with understanding,  and a sightseeing tour of the workshops was arranged for the guests,” said the general director of TAU Petrochem Management LLC, Alexey Nuzhdin.

The products of JSC “Sintez-Kauchuk” and JSC “SPP”  are popular not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. In 2020, an agreement was signed between the Government of the Altai Territory and the Government of Bashkortostan on cooperation in trade, economic, scientific and technical and other sectors. The signing of the agreement between the regions was accompanied by the approval of an action plan for its implementation for the next four years.

Joint-stock companies “SPP” and “Sintez-Kauchuk” produce high-quality products that meet all modern requirements: styrene-butadiene rubbers, synthetic isoprene rubbers, multi-purpose low-tonnage chemistry products, high-octane fuel additive MTBE, aviation gasoline, which is used in large and small aircraft. JSC “Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant”  is the only enterprise in Russia and the CIS that produces phenolic antioxidants. JSC "Sintez-Kauchuk" is the first plant in the world to have mastered the new generation cis-polyisoprene production technology.

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