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DESCRIPTION: SKI-3D cis-isoprene synthetic rubber is cis-1,4-polyisoprene obtained by polymerization of isoprene in solution using stereospecific catalyst based on titanium. The rubber is stabilized by staining antioxidant.
Content of cis-1,4-units, min: 96 %.
REACH resistered; KKDIK, K-REACH, DUIN pre-registered.

CAS: #9003-31-0

APPLICATION: for manufacture of cable products, high-voltage flexible cables with rubber insulation, operating at temperature between -40 and +50 оC, used to power dredges and other surface structures. This rubber is also used in the production of electroinsulating rubber goods. Rubber should not contain any foreign impurities and must meet the following requirements

Appearance: briquettes (bales)

Weight: 30.0+/-1.0 kg

Colour: from brown to bluish-green, black

Specific gravity: 0.91-0.92 g/cm3


ParametersStandardTest MethodNote
Mooney viscosity ML 1+4 (100оC)65-74ASTM D 1646*
Viscosity spread within a batch, units, max5*
Volatile matter content, %, max (1 hour)0.8ASTM D 5668*
Stearic acid content, %0.6-1.2Method used in the Russian Federation*
Ash content, %, max0.35ASTM D 5667*
Water-soluble ash content, %, max0.08ASTM D 5667*
S789 antioxidant (N-alkyl-N1-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine) content, %, min0.15Method used in the Russian Federation*
Rheometric Properties
- МL, dNm1.0-2.0ASTM D 5289**
- MH, dNm11.0-15.0ASTM D 5289**
- ts1, min1.4-2.6ASTM D 5289**
- t'50, min3.2-4.8ASTM D 5289**
- t'90, min5.5-7.5ASTM D 5289**

* - specified in the certificate of quality.
** - non-rejectable.
Preparation of rubber mixes is carried out in accordance with ASTM D 3403-07, mixing - according to С method (on the roll mills). Roll mills are prepared according to ASTM D 3182-07. Vulcanization characteristics are determined according to ASTM D 5289 using an MDR 2000 rheometer (flow meter).
Wait time for rubber mix before testing is 2-6 hours.

Rubber mix recipe and measurement conditions:

Rubber mix recipe in parts by weight:
- Rubber100.00
- Zinc oxide5.00
- IRB 7 (N330) carbon black35.00
- Sulphur2.25
- Stearic acid2.00
- TBBS (N-tert-Butyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide)0.70
Rheometer MDR 2000, measurement conditions:
- Temperature, оС160
- Duration, min30
- Oscillation amplitude, deg.+/-0.5
- Oscillation frequency, Hz1.7

PACKING: Rubber briquettes (bales) are packaged in double-layer marked PE film (thickness of 0.05 +/- 0.01 mm, melting temperature of 108-112оС), then – in plastic box pallets of 540kg or in plywood or metal containers of 1,260kg.

TRANSPORTATION: Rubber is transported by all types of transport in covered transporting means in accordance to all rules of cargo’s transportation standing at transport of this form.

STORAGE: Under normal conditions of storage (at a temperature not exceeding 30⁰С, in dry place free from direct sunlight)

GUARANTEED SHELF LIFE: 2 (two) years from the manufacture date. After the expiration of the guaranteed shelf life, the rubber can be used for its intended purpose after confirmation of its conformity to the requirements of this product specification.


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