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DESCRIPTION: SKI-3S and SKI-5PM non-specified synthetic cis-isoprene rubbers are cis-polyisoprene obtained by polymerization of isoprene in solution with the usage of stereospecific catalytic complex. Rubbers are stabilized with mixture of two non-staining antioxidants.

APPLICATION: used in rubber goods industry for manufacture of light-colored or colored rubbers for noncritical rubber goods.

Appearance: briquette (bale)

Weight: 30+/-2 kg

Colour: from light-white to light-yellow, pink-grey


ParametersStandardTest Method
Mooney viscosity ML 1+4 (100оС)50-100ASTM D 1646
Volatile matter content, %, max (1 hour)1.5ASTM D 5668
Mixture of antioxidants:
- Agidol-1 (ВНТ) content, %, min0.15Method used in the Russian Federation
- Tris (2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl) phosphite content, %, min0.04Method used in the Russian Federation
Plasticated rubber (brown inclusions) contentnot defined
Cross-linked polymer contentnot defined
Microparticles of metal inclusions contentnot defined

In SKI-3S and SKI-5PM non-specified cis-isoprene rubbers extraneous inclusions (paper, rags, sand, wood chips and other inclusions) should be absent. A small content of plasticated rubber inclusions of dark-brown color is allowed and it has no effect on the quality of rubber compounds.

PACKING: Rubber briquettes (bales) are packaged in double-layer polyethylene film (thickness – 0.05+/-0.01 mm, melting temperature – 108-110оC) then put in plastic box pallets of 540kg, or plywood, or metal containers of 1,260 kg.

TRANSPORTATION: Rubber is transported by all types of transport in covered transporting means in accordance to all rules of cargo’s transportation standing at transport of this form.

STORAGE: Under normal conditions of storage (at a temperature not exceeding 30⁰С, in dry place free from direct sunlight).

GUARANTEED SHELF LIFE: 2 (two) years from the manufacture date. After the expiration of the guaranteed shelf life, the rubber can be used for its intended purpose after confirmation of its conformity to the requirements of this product specification


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