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At the catalysts production facility of the Sintez-Kauchuk joint-stock company, temporary losses during the shipment of finished products to end-consumers were reduced.

The chain “production shop - vehicle - weight control - production shop” can be “simplified” by replacing two reloading hoppers with one larger in size. This decision was made by the I-11 production shop of Sintez-Kauchuk JSC and was commenced for implementation of the project for installation of the tank pos. 40/3 in the department for the production of catalyst IM-2201C.

“Tanks used until recently to store the finished products had significant drawbacks,” says Marsel Kunafin, Deputy Head of the I-11 workshop at Sintez-Kauchuk JSC. Firstly, due to their low capacity, the catalyst was unloaded from them into the road-tankers intermittently, since the personnel had to wait for the hopper to refill in order to release the required amount of product. Secondly, the process was conducted, as they say, by eye. Due to the lack of a dosing device, periodic weighing of the road-tank at a specialized platform was required, followed by correction of the error either to one or another direction. As a result, the shipment took up to 8 hours. The installation of a forty-cubic receiving hopper, which was transported from the D-11 department, helped to solve the problem. To ensure control of the weight of the shipped product and for the convenience of the operating staff, it was equipped with weighting cells, which made it possible to display the current weight of the tank with the catalyst at a terminal installed at place and a control panel for control and measuring devices in the control room.

The start-up of the new unit took place at the end of July, and the operating staff was able to evaluate all its advantages. The main ones are: the ergonomics of the process, the reduction of the product loading time into the road-tank by more than a half, and the arrangement of accurate weight control. This event was part of a program to modernize individual process units for the production of IM-2201C catalyst at Sintez-Kauchuk JSC in order to increase product output by up to 15 thousand tons per year.


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