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The enterprise management concept, based on reducing useless operations and activities that do not add value to consumers, has been operating at the enterprises of the petrochemical group of “TAU PetroChem Management” since 2017. It not only successfully took root, but also passed into the stage of improvement. Almost all technological workshops have shared storage areas for tools and spare parts, equipment and materials. The work of the Central warehouse is systematized, the staff and heads of departments have an understanding of the need for changes, and they are systematically moving in the right direction.

Specialists of the production systems department of LLC “TAU PetroChem Management” jointly with the workshops have done a lot of work and now it is important to fix the achieved results in order not to return to the original state. This is supported by developed standards and periodic monitoring, and not only by specialists and managers. In 2019, the transition to self-diagnosis of divisions was implemented. The 5S system can now be fully supported through the involvement of staff. Employees independently check themselves on pre-designed criteria and give an assessment of the effectiveness of their work, and control by a specialized service is carried out periodically. A good visual control tool in the workshops were efficiency stands, which show the main indicators of technological processes and safety, deviations from the planned and qualitative indicators. Performance of the main tasks, equipment repair time is monitored. The information is updated on a daily basis, which makes the processes easy to see, facilitates the procedure of receiving and transferring shifts, identifying problems and involving personnel in finding solutions.

Since the 4th quarter of 2019, the assessment of the 5S system based on the KPI key performance indicators has also started to operate in the workshops of LLC “Khimremont”. This event coincided with the company"s entry into the national project “Improving labor productivity and employment support”. Employees of the regional and Federal competence centers, which provide targeted support for the implementation of national projects, confirmed the high level of implementation of lean production tools at enterprises.

At JSC “Sintez-Kauchuk” and JSC “SPP” within the framework of professional development of representatives of working professions and employees in engineering and technical positions, regular training on the basics of lean production is conducted. This helps to involve all employees in the system of changes and improvements; each employee begins to understand that he is an important link in the value chain of a product that is unique and competitive in the market, and the formation of a positive image of the company.

As a result of the “Lean Production” project in 2019, the best divisions were allocated. They were the teams of workshops E-1-9-12a of JSC “SPP”, TIBA and I-3 of JSC “Sintez-Kauchuk”.


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