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As a part of the national project "Labor Productivity and Employment Support" employees of “TAU PetroChem” group of companies completed an additional professional retraining program "Performance Leaders". The program is implemented by the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade at the request of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

45 teams and 412 people from all over Russia took part in the training. “Performance Leaders” participants work on specific, “live” projects that solve the problems of real enterprises.

During 5 months Chief Engineer of LLC “Khimremont” Charikov A.M., acting on behalf of the Head of Preventive Maintenance of Machinery Equipment Shop Khakimov R.R., Head of Labor Protection Department,Miroshnichenko L.F., Head of Development Mukhachev E.V., Leading Specialists of Production Systems Department Chueva S.N. and Zimina E.I. together with leading heads of enterprises from the Republic of Bashkortostan, Sverdlovsk, Yaroslavl regions, Stavropol, Krasnoyarsk territories worked as one team on the project “Expansion of labor productivity by increasing the marginality of the provided services portfolio” at the production site of LLC “Khimremont”. In the process of working on the project, they mastered skills in the field of strategic planning, marketing and sales, production and human resources management tools.

The project originator was acting on behalf of Chief Engineer of the enterprise Charikov A.M. The goal of the project was to increase labor productivity by eliminating losses and increasing the value of the provided services portfolio.

The project team determined the directions of transformations and optimization of processes:

- materials, spare parts, components procurement procedures;

- interaction with external clients;

- entering the market and fulfilling third-party orders;

- inclusion of high-margin works in the portfolio of orders.

During the training the team presented their work for evaluation by an expert commission. In the process of defending the project a roadmap was presented ready for implementation at the enterprise. Teachers, speakers and training experts being real practitioners, business experts, employees of leading domestic and international companies from various industries highly appreciated the proposed solutions and the professional work of the team.

The training program provides a comprehensive view of all processes occurring in the enterprise, which are practical recommendations for increasing productivity and quick problem solving. Teamwork, a side view of team members from other enterprises and the individual experience of each participant help to take a fresh look at the issues of the enterprise and choose ways to solve urgent problems.

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