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"Propose, create, improve!" Results of the IV stage of the competition

Awarding ceremony following the results of the IV stage of the competition "Propose, create, improve!" took place in the petrochemical group "TAU PetroChem".

Following the results of the IV stage workers of Phenolic Stabilizers Synthesis Laboratory of the Central Plant Laboratory of JSC “Sterlitamak petrochemical plant” - the authors of the best kaizen proposals won the 1st place in the nomination of "Leaders of change" for the proposal of preparation of Agidol-2 with high oxidation stability during its storage using the antioxidant Richphos 168: Head of Laboratory Gainullin Khaidar Khamitovich, Head of the Group of the Laboratory Khabibullina Gulnur Airatovna, Laboratory Engineers Khabibullina Alsu Ravilovna, and Ianberdina Gulnazira Dayanovna. The authors also won in the "Golden Staff" nomination.

Chief Engineer of LLC “Khimremont” Charikov Aleksey Mikhaylovich and Section Supervisor in Preventive Maintenance of Machinery Equipment Shop of LLC “Khimremont” Duniushkin Aleksey Fedorovich took II place for proposal of restoring efficiency of the “Aerzen” oil pump in the Д-5-6 shop. The authors suggested to bore the frame in the places where the bearings are installed and change the geometry of the bearings.

Head of Water Supply and Sanitation Sector of “Sintez-Kauchuk” Kagirov Eduard Talgatovich took III place for the proposal of reducing the costs of the enterprise at the water-alkaline washing of isopentane-isoprene-toluene fraction unit in the И-5П workshop. The author proposed to consider the possibility of using ground process water instead of desalinated water. He also won in the nomination of “Golden Staff”.

In the nomination of “Golden Personnel” for active participation and the maximum number of kaizen proposals accepted for implementation, the winners are:

employee of JSC “Sterlitamak petrochemical plant”:

Ignatiev Aleksandr Nikolaevich – Deputy Technology Head of E-1-9 shop;

employees of JSC “Sintez-Kauchuk”:

Dinislamov Ildar Maratovich - Head of Synthetic Rubber Production;

Asfandiyarov Radik Renatovich - Head of И-5В shop department;

Budilov Maksim Aleksandrovich - Deputy Head of ИП-2-6 shop.

Following the results after 3 months the largest number of kaizen proposals were submitted and accepted for development and implementation by the employees of JSC “Sintez-Kauchuk”. The team of JSC “Sintez-Kauchuk” becomes the holder of “Leaders of Progress” cup based on the results of the fourth stage of the competition. (The winner was determined with the consideration of the number of employees and kaizen proposals accepted for implementation).


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